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Social Media Advertising

Maximising ROI: Your Performance Marketing Partner

We apply a performance marketing strategy to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads, vital for boosting e-commerce growth. Our skilled teams aim to optimise your ad spending for maximum returns.

Why Work With Z21?

High-attention, responsive team

We keep a low account-manager-to-client ratio to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves – 4-5x lower compared to standard industry practices. We believe growing a brand takes much more than the set-and-for get approach

Data driven approach

Trust numbers, not feelings.

Z21 has dedicated data analysts for our clients to deliver insightful & actionable reports, which are also designed to provide full transparency to our efforts and effectiveness of strategies implemented

Experienced team specialised in ecommerce growth

We have worked with over 100 brands, so rest assured that our team has the context and experience to deliver results. The best part? Don’t worry about hiring, training and retaining an in-house digital team anymore. We’ve got you covered!

We are a (Facebook) Meta Business, Google & TikTok Partner

Be the first to get updated on macro trends and platform updates from our friendly partners at Meta, Google and Tiktok. We receive priority support from our platform partners, and in turn, you will too.

What you get from us

Daily monitoring, execution and optimisation of ad accounts

Strategy implementation to improve campaign performance

Real time data to identify customer behaviour trends

Custom reports for metrics that matter most for your brand

Continuous A/B testing to improve campaign effectiveness

Market insights - industry benchmarks and customer behaviour


Identifying your winning channels


Target the right audience along your funnel


Use compelling visuals and copies


Identify ways to reduce CAC


Improve customer retention/LTV


Identifying low-hanging fruits in past data.


Test to verify your hypothesis based on our audit


Conclude learnings for effective optimization. Continuous testing based on data insights.


Don’t take our word for it.

Take theirs.

As a business with global presence, we needed to be aligned with our global digital commerce vision as well as be nimble to adapt to local market realities. Z21 was pivotal in delivering on our website revamp & functionality enhancements that brought us into a new era of Clarks in Southeast Asia. The hunger of the team, desire to deliver good work & consistently strong engagement with us is what I find stand out with Z21.
Working with Z21 has been a good addition for the team. It doesn’t feel like working with marketing agency but rather they act like a partner that care about optimising cost while reaching our business goals. They adapt well on modest fashion space and always impressed us with outside of the box strategy that really benefit the company.
Z21 team is very responsive and able to cater to ad hoc requirements very well. Thanks for the patience and professional advise. Z21 has a very good attitude team who will cater to our requests even we have high level requirements for certain campaigns. Well done.
Since we started partnering with Z21 back in 2019, our growth has always been on a positive trend. We have been through multiple mega sale days together and Z21 never fails to prove their value by delivering insights, learnings and suggestions to move forward each time. As a performance marketing agency, they understand their data very well, hence they are always quick to identify & respond to market trend changes. Because of the constant feedback on the latest industry trend and know-how, it has enabled Oxwhite to be at the top of our game especially as a start-up and direct-to-consumer brand here in Malaysia. This working relationship has proven to be the best relationship so far and Z21 has always been there with us every step of the way.
Z21 is an excellent digital marketing agency that is part of the success of Getha’s Online Journey. I enjoy working with a young, energetic team that always think out of the box. They are able to work with high speed and deliver results. What I find to be the most valuable asset in Z21 is their understanding of what online consumers want and how to target them in the most effective and cost saving manner. Would highly recommend to any company that is keen to grow their presence online.
The team at Z21 managed to increase our e-commerce orders by a huge number and our social media reach is counted in the millions. They are thorough with optimisations - always going above and beyond with tracking and reporting. Also they kept pushing my team to give them ad creatives, whatever it takes to convert sales! The team is always available and revert quickly. I would recommend Z21 to others, just not from the same industry... else I got to find another partner 😂
As a marketer, I enjoy working with a nimble team like Z21 because they are able to adjust quickly to keep current with our business needs. Z21’s commitment towards driving sales performance together with us is also evident with our weekly review of best-performing ads and results. In these meetings, Daryl and his team share their data sources openly and are bold to make suggestions, which I appreciate because it builds trust to the relationship.
As a certified Shopify Partner, not only has Z21 delivered what was promised, but they also went the extra mile in assisting us during the revamp period. They are knowledgeable and professional, and one can confidently leave tasks to them knowing they are in good hands. The experience with Z21 has been competent, friendly and overall pleasant.
I have worked with multiple digital marketing agencies before. What I like about Z21 is their specialization in e-commerce and results-driven approach. 2 years working with their team, yet they still constantly upskill themselves as the market gets more competitive overtime. I entrust our growth to Z21 since I prefer to spend my time on building the brand and developing exciting new products for our fans.

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