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473% Growth in Sales with Funnel Strategy

Brand Summary

CLEF is a rapidly growing skincare brand that initially struggled with acquiring new customers. Read more to find out how we overcame this problem.


growth in sales (year to date) compared to 2021

new customer percentage with a healthy ROAS

The Challenge

CLEF is a Malaysian skincare brand that focuses on clean and effective ingredients. They were looking to gain new customers online and were facing difficulty in converting new customers due to the high average order value, thus a long purchase consideration period. 70-80% of the budget was spent on cold campaigns yielding unprofitable ROAS.


Content Funnelling:

  • To convey the right messages through different creative angles that are catered to the audience according to their respective funnels.

To help nudge potential customers down the funnel, we had to first categorise the audience and then identify exactly where customers were stuck along the customer journey.

Here’s what we did that helped CLEF gain traction:

  • Optimised awareness campaigns for add to cart instead of purchase, resulting in cheaper and higher new customer traffic inflow
  • Better customisation of our ad content according to specific audience segment down the marketing funnels
  • Scaled ad spending by the audience segments to have a healthy proportion of new customers vs returning customers

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