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STOP searching for needles in the haystack of unstructured data

Uncovering hidden trends, correlations and missed opportunities with data analytics

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With the FB algorithm changing so frequently, it’s tough for most inhouse teams to keep up.

Are you experiencing stagnant growth after running your E-commerce store and ads for quite some time? This is your perfect time to harness the data accumulated thus far, then look for low-hanging fruits and missed opportunities to outpace your competitors.

1. More efficient ads spend, 
2. Better-informed business decisions, 
3. Improved customer experience, 
4. Precise audience segmentation & 
5. Targeting, quick view of new market trends

By looking into data, we do not only refer to surface level metrics like cost per click or CPM. The customer journey from awareness to conversion is way longer than you think, and without a complete data analytics framework in place, it will be difficult to gain useful insights and make accurate decisions to improve overall conversion.

How Z21 brings value to you:

Daily Supermetrics Report

A data reporting sheet carefully customised by ONLY including metrics relevant to your business, and it will be updated daily! 

1. Keep track on the whereabouts of our ads budget 
2. React quickly based on identified trends
3. Measure the success of active marketing campaigns before they end
4. Analyse data outside the ads manager such as average order value (AOV), traffic to add to cart rate, and add to cart to purchase rate.5. Spot website instability instantly such as sharp increase in load speed

Z21 Business Insights (BI)

A 360° view of your customers’ lifetime value (LTV). Aside from focusing on your ads metrics, we see the importance of looking into cost per acquisition and customer lifetime value. We look at product-level or category-level data. Ideally, we want to focus our time and resources on what yields the highest customer lifetime value, and acquires new customers at the lowest cost.

Monthly Data Studio Report

Compilation of past month performance across channels (FB/IG, CPAS, Google, Tiktok, EDM, Shopify), together with month-over-month comparison, a summary of our learnings, insights, and suggested next steps.

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If your business isn’t making good use of data analytics, then you’re as good as running blindfolded.

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