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Data analytics

Transform Data into Dollars

Uncover hidden trends, customer insights and growth opportunities in your e-commerce data.

STOP searching for needles in the haystack of unstructured data

Build Custom Data Reports and Insights Tailored to Your Industry & Business Goals

More efficient ads spend (higher ROAS)
Better-informed business decisions
Improved customer experience
Precise audience segmentation & targeting
Identify quick wins

By looking into data, we do not only refer to surface level metrics like cost per click or CPM. The customer journey from awareness to conversion is way longer than you think, and without a complete data analytics framework in place, it will be difficult to gain useful insights and make accurate decisions to improve overall conversion.

1. Daily Data Reporting

A data reporting sheet carefully customised to ONLY include metrics relevant to your business, updated daily!

  1. Keep track on the whereabouts of our ads budget
  2. React quickly based on identified trends
  3. Measure the success of active marketing campaigns before they end
  4. Analyse data outside the ads manager such as Average Order Value (AOV), Traffic to Add to Cart rate, and Add to Cart to Purchase Rate.
  5. Spot website instability instantly such as sharp increase in load speed

2. Monthly Data Reporting

A holistic approach to data analytics for past month performance by extracting data across all channels 
(FB/IG, CPAS, Google, TikTok, Email Marketing, Shopify) together with trends identification, customer insights, browsing behaviour, a summary of our learnings, insights, and suggested next steps.

3. Lifetime Value Report

Lifetime value remains as one of the best approaches to measure the effectiveness of your customer retention strategies. Our report provides crucial insights into customer behaviour, enabling businesses to optimise marketing strategies, improve customer retention, and maximise long-term profitability for sustained growth 
and success.

4. Inventory Report

Inventory level is often the key factor to campaign success. With insights like sell-through rate and ABC analysis, we can maximise campaign performance with an accurate prediction of scalability and crafting effective promotional mechanisms.

5. Creative Report

Let’s be real, the power of performance marketing can only be unlocked after gaining the audience's interest to click on an ad. Find out what’s the winning ad format, key messages, pain points and platforms with consistent cycles of A/B tests and opportunity identification through creative reporting.

6. Annual Report

Get a holistic overview of your year-on-year performance on paid traffic, organic traffic, web behaviour (GA4). It provides vital insights into performance, market dynamics, and customer behaviour, guiding strategic decisions for future growth opportunities and enhanced customer experiences.

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