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Simply having a checkout system isn’t good enough. Is your store designed to convert traffic efficiently?

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In this increasingly competitive e-commerce era, building an e-commerce website that can

Keep users engaged, convert visits into sales, and increase average order value is the key to scaling your business.

The efforts on crafting the best customer journey takes a lot of time and effort, and can go as granular as the colour and placement of your call-to-action button.

Thankfully, with our experience in paid ads, we understand what it takes to convert website visitors into customers.

1. Mobile AND desktop optimized
2. Loads fast
3. Tailored for the specific industry’s buying behaviour.

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Getha is a premium mattress brand that relies a lot on their offline showroom as their main revenue stream and sales assistants to close a deal pre-pandemic. During the lockdown in 2020, we had to identify the best way to replicate offline shopping experience on Getha’s website for business continuity. As we understood that purchasing a mattress is a difficult decision for its price and potential effect on quality of life, we knew that there’s more to be done to increase the website conversion rate. As a result, an “add-to-comparison” function was designed to support customers’ decision-making process by customizing a comparison table with the most commonly asked questions in store.

Beans and Co Logo

As a one-product store, solely focusing on providing the best quality gourmet dark chocolate drink, Beans & Co shopify store has a beautifully designed parallax scrolling effect done to increase customer’s browsing time and maximise the delivery of their brand USP.


SPAO is a Korean fast fashion brand that has more than 1,000 SKUs in their Shopify store. With that many products, it would be a hassle and potential friction if customers had to enter the product page one-by-one to check for availability of a particular size or colour of choice. Instead, we made the colour option visible at the collection page, and included a sort function for sizes to improve the overall user experience.  

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