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Increase in Store Conversion Rate With a Revamp

Brand Summary

ALL IT Hypermarket is a well-established Malaysian retail brand specializing in consumer electronics and related accessories. Known for its wide product range, competitive pricing, and customer-centric approach, the brand has solidified its presence in the Malaysian market. 

The Challenge

ALL IT Hypermarket faces notable challenges, primarily centered around its website's user experience. These issues include an obstructed carousel banner due to navigation bar interference, an overwhelming number of product listings with multiple call-to-action buttons causing confusion, and a mobile view that heavily prioritizes campaign banners over vital product and brand information. These challenges risk undermining the online shopping experience, potentially leading to an increased bounce rate. Addressing these issues is imperative for enhancing usability and the overall customer journey. 


To address these challenges, the proposed strategies include implementing clickable icons for their hero collections, which will enhance visual appeal and user attention. Additionally, the introduction of an extra banner and collection section at the bottom of the page aims to accommodate the brand's focus on multiple campaigns and diverse products. These strategies collectively seek to simplify navigation, help users find relevant information, and facilitate exploration of the brand's offerings. Ultimately, the goal is to elevate the overall user experience and foster increased customer engagement.

Before Revamp

After Revamp

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