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Media Buyers. The fact is, your performance is only as good as your ad creatives. 

We often hear about businesses spending huge sums to create beautifully captured photos and videos.... but is that enough to translate into profitable returns? 

Aesthetic-focused assets still serve the purpose of building good branding. However, there is still a missing piece in order to convert visitors into paying customers. 

This is where the idea of performance creatives comes in, where we strike a balance between creativity and performance. Relying on instinct can be inaccurate most times, we create contents under the guidance of past data and track records to identify trends and preferences, and craft messages and offers that are relevant. This ensures that your campaigns will more likely resonate with your target audience and drive the desired actions.

A good Outbound Click-Through-Rate (CTR) benchmark for ecommerce is 1% (on Meta platforms). If you’re not quite there yet, keep testing! 

Instead of blindly creating beautiful content & hoping that it works, implement these steps for a more structured test:

Look at your past data > Create a Hypothesis > Creative Split Testing > Evaluate Real Time Results > Optimise the Campaign

What you CAN test:

Creative angles: Shorten the decision making process & increase conversion rate by thoughtfully curating content angles (based on data and insights) that speaks directly to your target audience.

Creative format (Statics, Videos, GIF): Meta has published multiple reports highlighting the user browsing behaviour shift towards  video content on Facebook and Instagram. If your brand has yet to utilize video content, it’s a good opportunity to engage better with your audience.

Ad placements (Feed, Story, Reels): Understand your audience demographics, where your audiences are, where they spend most of their time on, etc. It will help you identify which ad placement & format to invest in.

First 3 seconds of your video content (Hook): The performance of video content is heavily reliant on the first 3 seconds. Your hook needs to be able to stop the scroll for your audience to continue watching the rest of the video.

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Opener 2

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As you continue to experiment and learn, creative split testing can be cost-saving as you identify best practices specific to your business & improve long-term campaign performance. For example, if you double your CTR (ie: from 0.6% to 1.2%) you’ll easily get 2x more visitors to your website with the same ad spend.

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1. Top-of-Funnel

Top-of-funnel content helps to build awareness and interest in a brand, product, or service among potential customers. 

Video content generally can deliver more educational or informative content, and they will only work together with a punchy, attention-grabbing hook to keep audiences engaged. This can be especially important in highly competitive markets, where businesses need to stand out in order to attract and retain customers.

2. Middle-of-Funnel

Middle-of-funnel content is also important because it can help to build trust and credibility upon the initial interest that was generated by top-of-funnel content, making potential customers more likely to consider a brand's products or services.

In this funnel, we typically focus on maximising social proof, user generated content and product reviews to push potential customers down the sales funnel.

3. Bottom-of-Funnel

Bottom-of-funnel content works to convert potential customers into paying customers. This content is typically very targeted and focused, with a strong call-to-action (CTA) and its goal is to help potential customers overcome any remaining barriers to make a purchase decision.

Bottom of the funnel content also helps to build brand loyalty and drive repeat business, which is an important part of any business's growth and success.

After you checked all the boxes to curate great content, you’re ready to build a conversion funnel according to your performance marketing strategy! Read up on how we helped CLEF Skincare to build their content funneling with our facebook advertising service

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