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29% Increase in Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) by Identifying a Winning Product

Brand Summary

Dasher is Malaysia’s largest online smart electronic gadget store. Read more to find out how Z21 advised them to focus on ads that worked.


Increase in MER Within a Quarter

Increase in Sales

The Challenge

Dasher is an online electronic gadget store that sells the latest smart home appliances, home entertainment systems and other popular electronic gadgets. Due to their business nature of having a large amount of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), they struggled to identify the winning categories and products to focus on.

Their goal was to have a double digit growth in their Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER). MER can be simply understood as total revenue/total paid ad spend, measuring the efficiency of ad spend.


There were several solutions that helped Dasher increase their MER & ROAS:

  1. Restructuring the ad account by categories and single product campaigns with proper prospecting and retargeting funnel strategy.
  2. Reorganised campaigns based on product type, e.g. home lifestyle, wearables (smartwatches), etc.
  3. Identifying potential products to advertise monthly based on past data (monthly average units sold, average order value, stock level) from Shopify.
    - Successfully shortlisted a few winning evergreen products that contributed to a better ROAS.

High-profit products, high LTV products and products that has high sell-through rate are good indicators of a potentially winning product that could generate a more sustainable growth to your business. Are these products under-represented on your ads account? 

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