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The underrated way to increase your ROAS

Increase store conversion rate and average order value through UI/UX optimizations and A/B testing.

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the next step to further optimise every penny spent on your marketing efforts, an essential step ahead to bring your ecommerce to another level. 

Always making changes on the website and guessing the before/after outcome?

If so, you might be hurting conversions.

By A/B testing and fine tuning each step along the UI/UX to

Reduce friction and distractions, we strive to minimize drop-off rates of your webstore.

No point spending big bucks bringing in thousands of visitors each day, only to lose a substantial portion of them at your landing page, right? 

We prioritize our attention on your landing pages that generate the most traffic, as well as general website elements such as announcement bars, cart page, CTA words/colours/placements, product recommendation engines, homepage layout, etc. 

CRO is a highly specialized service that was reserved for the giants and often deprioritized by growing brands. Little did they know that CRO is most crucial at this stage so that you can scale more effectively with a strategic funnel

Moving each customer one step ahead of the user journey can have a compounding effect on your revenue! Don’t believe us? Read our success stories!

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Have you ever considered that a simple change in the colour of your call-to-action button could affect add to cart rate? You heard it right! With the correct combination we can potentially improve the add to cart rate and deliver incremental revenue.

Now, the million dollar question is, WHICH colour should we go for? By setting up a comprehensive A/B testing framework, we can now make quick and accurate decisions based on actual customer behaviour data gathered.

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It is now possible to replicate actual customer experience in your offline store by personalizing the landing page that they will see. In this particular example, it makes perfect sense for us to focus on brand education for new customers and on the other hand, remarket the items of interest to returning customers.

We can even go as detailed as customisation of landing page by shopping history. How cool is that!

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Just like your computer operating system, your website UI/UX needs an update from time to time to keep up with the ever changing customer purchasing behaviour. We understand the struggle of not knowing whether you’re changing it for the better and not otherwise. CRO allows us to objectively test it out using your own website visitors to obtain the most accurate results.

More words, fewer pictures or fewer words, more pictures? Let’s find out!

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