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350% Increase in Email Flow Revenue by Optimising User Experience

Brand Summary

Lonely Kids Club is an independent clothing brand based in Sydney, Australia looking to improve its email flow revenue. See how Z21 helped enhance its email marketing here. 


Increase in Email Flow Revenue

Increase in Subscribers

Decrease in Unsubscribe Rate

The Challenge

Lonely Kids Club is an Australian clothing brand that focuses on affordable sustainable fashion. When they engaged Z21, their existing email flows were only generating < 5% of their total revenue when a healthy contribution should be around 20-30%. They lacked subscribers despite incentives given upon signup and faced issues with unhealthy unsubscribe rates. 


Optimising their core email flows was the primary focus to draw in more email flow revenue. Here’s how: 

  1. Redesigning and rebuilding email flows with the customer’s reading journey in mind
  • We built custom email flows with consistent on-brand design across all emails
  1. Upgraded email subscription box with eye-catching design and a much more straightforward message to attract visitors to subscribe
  • Ran AB testing on pop-up boxes for best results
  1. Readjusted email send time and audience to reduce unsubscribe rate 

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