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180% Revenue Increase With Better Budget Allocation

Brand Summary 

The dUCk Group is one of the largest Muslim women's apparel brands in Malaysia, providing high-quality and modern modest wear such as headscarves and clothing. They aimed to improve their double-digit campaign results. Read more to find out how this was achieved! 


180% increase in tracked revenue 

66% increase in tracked ROAS

15% increase in new customer count

The Challenge 

The dUCk Group’s challenge lies in having different mechanisms to focus on during double-digit campaigns. In the past, the budget was focused on a consolidated campaign, which did not provide the best return on ad spend (ROAS). 


The dUCk Group needed proper budget funnelling to produce the best results. 

  1. Budget Funnelling

We allocated ad budgets according to market trends and past learnings, effectively capturing periods with the highest intention to purchase.

  1. Application of Past Winning Structures

A/B testing was first conducted to determine the best-performing campaign structure and optimization. As a result, budget allocations could be made more confidently. 

Here is what we did that helped: 

  1. We allocated our budget according to 3 periods: Pre-Hype, Hype, and Post-Hype after analyzing past and overall market trend insights predictions. 
  2. In order to compete in the ongoing bidding competition, we allocated the highest budget during D-days. 
  3. The introduction of ‘Happy Hour’ was a winning mechanism that increased the urgency to convert potential customers by urging them to get the most value during this period. 

Budget allocation in a consistent and informed manner resulted in a huge success for the dUCk Group’s double-digit campaigns, effectively maximizing their budget for better results. 

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