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45% Increase in Multichannel Sales

Brand Summary 

Solar Time is an established leader in the Malaysian watch industry bringing in both mid-tier and luxury watches to the Malaysian market. They wanted to maintain sales momentum and brand prestige during slow periods without resorting to promotional sales. Read more to find out how we helped them. 


45% increase in multichannel sales 

45% increase in ROAS

13% increase in new customer count  

The Challenge 

October has historically been the slowest month for Solar Time, and the brand decided boldly not to engage in sales campaigns to boost sales. This decision posed a unique challenge to maintain sales performance without relying on discount-driven strategies. 


Recognizing the client’s decision to refrain from promotional sales, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to enhance Solar Time's evergreen performance divided into 2 parts: 

  1. Analysis of historical consumer data, sales trends, and product preferences to inform strategic decisions
  2. Implementation of evergreen campaigns, including ‘Occasions’ and ‘Gifting’ themes to create demand for Solar Time’s products during the slow period of October without resorting to promotions 

By leveraging consumer insights and strategically timed evergreen campaigns, Solar Time not only navigated the challenge of a slow month but also set a new benchmark for future performance without diluting the brand's value through discounts.

Here is what we did that helped:

  1. Plan evergreen campaigns to create demand outside of sales and promotional strategies 
  2. Better customization of ad content according to specific audience segments down the marketing funnels 
  3. Scaled ad spending by audience segments to have a healthy proportion of new customers vs returning customers

The 45% increase in multichannel sales between October 2022 and October 2023 is a testament to the success of these strategies, proving that evergreen campaigns were an effective alternative to discount-driven strategies in increasing sales. 

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