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35.8% Increase in Store Conversion Rate

Brand Summary

Machines, an Apple Premium Reseller, came to Z21 looking to increase online sales of Apple products through their website. Read more about our recommendation for them here!


Increase in Conversion Rate

Increase in Average Order Value

The Challenge

Machines as the Apple Premium Reseller (APR) for Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Macs, and Apple accessories, operates over 50 retail stores across Malaysia, which is ever-increasing. At the same time, many online shoppers may find it rather uneasy to shop for a high value item such as an iPhone and Machines is looking to reduce any friction for online shoppers to improve the site’s sales and conversion rate (CR).


Upon investigation, we understand that with strong branding and marketing activities done by Apple, customers come to the site with a credit card ready to make a purchase. However, it takes an average customer at least 3-5 visits to make a purchase. That means they will have to look for their product several times over.

With so many products and pages on a website, it’s not that easy to find something specific. Especially with shorter attention spans, users typically bounce if they do not find what they are looking for within a minute (and that’s not a lot of minutes!)

Thus, ensuring that returning users would be able to find their desired product within seconds is prioritised.


Leveraging on the power of user segmentation and recommendation engine on high volume landing pages aka Home Page.


User segment is created for users who have viewed a product in the past 30 days and a Recommendation Engine with Recently Viewed algorithm is placed on the top section of Machines' home page, giving users instant access and almost seamless continuation from their last visit.

This ultimately reduces friction in searching for products and eliminating the chances of users being distracted by the browsing process leading to higher CR!

Before: New products or product categories were placed at the top of Home Page

After: “Recently Viewed” widget added to target returning users

Learn more about Conversion Rate Optimisation HERE! If you're interested to know how CRO can benefit your business, drop us your contact & we shall speak soon.

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