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63.8% Increase in Card Clicking Rate by Optimising Landing Page Experience

Brand Summary

Bottoms Lab is a men’s wear outlet selling bottoms ranging from work chino pants to casual jeans.


Increase in the Card Clicking Rate

Decrease in Bounce Rate

The Challenge

The team wanted to improve the homepage landing experience and convert more users down the sale funnels. It’s observed that users don’t interact much with the recommendation engine on the homepage which presents opportunities to revamp the space. It was hypothesized that changing the style & display content would positively impact the number of clicks on it. 


The team experimented with one variation where the section has a fresh look including a new section title, inserting product description. The team also hides the pricing display.

This is how the control and variations looked in the mobile:

The test was concluded in nearly one month and Variation was declared as the winner of this test. It led to 63.8% increase in the card clicking rate which it had certainly welcomed more interaction and helped users in the product exploration phase. Our variation also reported a 5% improvement in bounce rate.

Read more about our Conversion Rate Optimisation service HERE

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