Increase Average Order Value (AOV) with Bundles and Clear Product Details

Brand Summary

Over Bottle is a contemporary lifestyle brand that specializes in innovative and sustainable water bottles and hydration products. With a focus on reducing single-use plastic waste, the brand's products offer an eco-friendly alternative for individuals seeking hydration solutions that align with their values.

The Challenge

The product page faces a notable issue of insufficient product information. When potential customers land on this page, they lack crucial information about the featured product. This hampers their ability to make informed purchasing decisions. As a result, visitors may feel uncertain about the product's suitability for their needs, potentially leading to increased bounce rates and missed sales opportunities. Addressing this issue by providing comprehensive and accurate product information is crucial to enhance user confidence and drive conversions on the page.


The product page has been thoroughly optimized, addressing every aspect from the title and product options to providing comprehensive information. By incorporating variant images for color swatches, we've made product selection more user-friendly. Furthermore, the presentation of bundle mechanisms informs and motivates customers to make additional purchases, resulting in a higher average order value (AOV). Additionally, a tab feature has been introduced to neatly organize and present essential product features and specifications that are crucial towards customer’s purchasing behaviour.

Before Revamp

After Revamp

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