17.35% Increase in Conversion Rate With "Free Gifts" Label

Brand Summary

Getha is primarily a Malaysian luxury mattress & bedding company that provides sleep products ranging from mattresses to pillows. 


Increase in Conversion Rate

The Challenge

The goal of the experiment is to improve the product listing page's effectiveness in guiding users to the right products and increase the attractiveness of the products. It was hypothesized that adding a tag to highlight the free gifts would help us reach this goal. 


The team experimented with one variation where the free gift label product was added to all the mattress (High AOV)  products. 

This is how the control and variations looked in the mobile:

The test was concluded and the uplift in the targeted product pages is observed in the variation group. With the encouragement of getting the free gifts, we also see more mattress purchases and a 17.35% increase in conversion rate. 

Read more about our Conversion Rate Optimisation service HERE

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