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14% Increase In Conversion Rate By Reducing Decision Fatigue

Brand Summary

Beans & CO is a Malaysian instant hot chocolate brand. Their hot chocolate comes in several variations of dark chocolate percentages, catering to different sweetness level preferences. 


Increase in Conversion Rate

Increase in the Quantity Sold of the Highlighting Product

The Challenge

The team aimed to minimise the reluctance of users in choosing products upon landing on the product page. They hypothesised that including a badge to emphasise the best-selling product would result in a favourable increase in the number of clicks on it.


The team experimented with one variation where the best selling product comes with a “MUST TRY” badge at the top right.

This is how the control and variations looked in the mobile:

Variation was declared as the winner of this test. It led to a 9.33% increase in the quantity sold of the highlighting product and is able to increase the conversion rate by 14%. 


This experiment has proven the effectiveness of highlighting a product to sale. However, it is advised to further test the product label such as Best selling, Most popular, etc. Different mentions have their own outcome, hence a proper testing to validate is encouraged.

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