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FB ad costs are rising. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and retain customers at scale.

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With the FB algorithm changing so frequently, it’s tough for most inhouse teams to keep up.

At Z21, we don’t believe in quick hacks that try to “cheat the algorithm”. 

Setting up an unstructured FB ads account, randomly guessing what worked and what didn’t, is burning your ads budget unnecessarily.

The worst part?

It’s happening daily and repeating itself every campaign. 

Was it the angle of my content? Are there overlaps in my audiences? Should I use Lowest Cost or Cost Cap bidding strategy?

We believe that the devil is in the data. It is essential for us to dive deep into auditing your past data to look for pain points, missed opportunities and future potentials. 

Only with enough insights, will you have the confidence to build a structured plan and realistic timeline to revamp your funnel and marketing strategies, and in turn maximizing the potential of your brand.

Complicated? Leave it to us.

We care for your ROI as much as you do.

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Dynamic Ads

Catalog ads, preferably presented in a carousel format, dynamically shows the most relevant products to each user either based on their behavior on other e-commerce stores with the FB Pixel installed, or interaction with your own store. 
It’s one of the most effective ways to retarget your past visitors, and cross-sell complimentary products to past purchasers! Thanks to this feature, many brands have observed an increase in their ad click-through rate (CTR) and ROAS.

Daily Data Tracking

Here’s what you can expect from us on day-one: a data reporting sheet that’s carefully customised by ONLY including metrics that are relevant to your business, and it will be updated daily! 

With this sheet, our client has been able to:
1. Keep track on the whereabouts of their ads budget 
2. Make quick and accurate decisions based on identified trends
3. Set a realistic and measurable goal for their marketing initiatives
4. Measure the effectiveness of the current marketing activities 

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