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Ecommerce Algebra: ROAS, Conversion Rate, LTV, etc.

November 15, 2022

Impressions. CTR. Outbound clicks. Landing page views. Bounce rate. Add to carts. As an e-commerce business owner, these are numbers you encounter every day. Do you often struggle to make sense of these metrics? How do you even gauge, analyse or improve these for business growth? Making business decisions without fully understanding these metrics can potentially hurt your ads and your business. We understand, and are here to help.

If e-commerce is mathematics, then these metrics are just algebra. To play the e-commerce game and win it, you need to master the metrics. The good news is, you don’t need to be superb in maths, nor have the brainpower of a supercomputer. You only need to understand the key metrics a little more.

In this video, we will break these metrics down and demonstrate how you can track, measure, and improve these metrics in the video. No more mental breakdowns, it’s time to break down numbers and data instead!

The E-Commerce Core Metrics

You will learn about the Ads to Purchase journey and how each step of the journey is affected from the video. To make it simpler, this is a cause-and-effect concept: the ads and site are the causes, while purchases are the effect. By understanding the core metrics, you can gauge the numbers to help you decide how to adjust and improve for better growth.

With simple understanding of this concept, you will acquire more customers, retain them for a longer time for conversion, improve the traffic, conversion rate, and average order values, and eventually uplift your e-commerce performance.

When you know what range of metrics to maintain, or what numbers to look out for, you can fuel your business with effective adjustments and maximise its potential with insights based on the metrics' performance. In this video, all the numbers and benchmarks are laid out for you to see and use, so you know when to adjust, or when to scale. Discover impactful changes you can make to improve the metrics, such as by reducing drop-offs with pop-ups, product suggestions, or adding product information.

Take Your E-Commerce to the Next Level with Customer Lifetime-Value (LTV)

Leveraging for more value from existing customers is a powerful method to take your business to the next level. In the video, you will find insights on how to turn customers into the greatest assets of your business. Discover how you can increase high-value repurchases with effective examples. Don’t miss out on a free tool that you can access in the video: A free LTV/CAC calculator just for you! Gone are the days of sustained plateaus, it’s time to grow your e-commerce business.  

Watch the video if you’re interested in mastering the e-commerce game. If you’d like to dive deeper into how to leverage your business, contact us to discover how Z21 can help you realise your e-commerce goals.

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